2020 Festive mode on: Google celebrates holiday season with a special Christmas Eve Doodle 2020

The good folks at Google have come up with an amazing new doodle to spread the holiday cheer, this Christmas. The world-renowned search engine is known for commemorating major world events creatively via their doodles. They came up with a Christmas special doodle and needless to say, won everyone's hearts with the creativity.
Holiday Season 2020

A day ahead of Christmas, the search engine giant welcomed the holiday season as with its special doodle titled 'Happy Holidays 2019'. The animated doodle shows Santa and his reindeers on a sleigh sweeping around the

Just a day ahead of Christmas, search engine giant Google has started celebrating the holiday season as it rolled out a new special Doodle titled 'Happy Holidays 2020' adding to the holiday spirit. The search engine posted their annual 'Happy Holidays' doodles from Monday.

The first illustration showed a bunch of burning candles along with cherries and its leaves that represent the onset of the spring and commemorates the presence of the holiday season. The Doodle of the Christmas Eve shows a Crystal ball glass in which Santa Claus is seen sliding across a Christmas tree along with the traditional reindeer sleigh. It shows Santa moving to different parts of the world to surprise the kids with the Christmas gifts.

The Google post read, "No matter how you choose to celebrate, 'tis the season to enjoy the holiday festivities during the most wonderful time of the year! Happy holidays!" Tapping on the green share button below the Google doodle on desktop opens a dialogue box where users can select between three methods of sharing it – a Facebook post, as a tweet, or as an email with the client of their choice.

On mobile though, the choice of sharing platforms at the disposal of users is much more diverse. For instance, on tapping the share button below the Google doodle at the top of the Discover feed, users can choose to share the link via SMS, a social media app, a wireless file sharing app, or even save it in the cloud.

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