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15th December will be...
International Tea Day


The tea industry provides millions of people around the world with cups of tea in the morning. One of the biggest producers of tea, India, recognizes the importance of tea in its communities and as a commodity for commerce.

History of International Tea Day / All Festival Day 2020

The International Tea Day campaign was launched in 2005 by the trade unions, small tea growers and civil society organizations in Asia and Africa to address the issues of living wages for workers and fair prices for small tea producers.
The International Tea Conference in New Delhi came out with an International Declaration on the rights of workers and small growers to help regulate uneven competition, land ownership, safety regulations, rights of women, social security and living wages. Another organization, The Tea Board of India, proposed International Tea Day in hopes of it becoming an official holiday to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

How to Celebrate International Tea Day

If you’re a lover of tea, then do some research about some of your favorite companies. Try looking up tea brands that support fair trade, and possibly switch to those brands to make a difference in the way you buy products such as tea. Use the hashtag #internationalteaday to help recognize it as an official holiday and educate others about the tea industry if you’re interested.
International Tea Day Date in the current year: December 15, 2019

Tea is one of the most popular beverages around the world. And it looks so natural to have a special day to celebrate it. By the way, here it is, International Tea Day, that every year falls on December 15.
The idea of establishment of International Tea Day existed for many years, but the first actions were made only after World Social Forum held in Mumbai, India and Porto Alegre, Brazil in 2004-2005. The first festive events took place in Delhi in 2005 and the next year they were organized in Sri Lanka.

International Tea Day wasn't created as a reason to enjoy an extra cup of tea. Its celebration draws public attention to the problems of tea production and the impact of the global tea trade on workers of the tea plantations, small growers and consumers. Various exhibitions dedicated to tea are organized in many countries, where ITD is celebrated. This holiday doesn't have an official status anywhere, but the celebration became very popular in tea producing states, including Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malawi, Kenya, India, Uganda, Malaysia and Tanzania.

What Is International Tea Day?

International Tea Day is celebrated in tea-growing countries to raise awareness about the effect of the global tea trade on the economy, workers, farmers, and society. It is also a day on which the world appreciates the countries that produce tea consumed by millions of people. The world's top five tea producing countries are China, India, Kenya, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka. International Tea Day was founded as an initiative by trade unions and international organizations that met in Mumbai, India, during the 2004 World Social Forum, and was first celebrated on December 15, 2005, in India's national capital, New Delhi. Today, countries that observe the International Tea Day include Malawi, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Uganda, Indonesia, and Malaysia. International Tea Day is celebrated annually on the 15th day of December.
Significance Of International Tea Day
International Tea Day is more than about celebrating one of the world's most popular beverages, as it also strives to improve the working conditions of tea growers and workers. Tea-growing countries often enjoy significant profits, but many individuals employed in tea farms and factories continue to experience poor working conditions. Therefore, International Tea Day also aims to encourage discussions related to working conditions, labor rights, wages, social security, employment security, and occupational health and safety. The day is also important as it highlights the contributions of tea workers in tea-producing nations. Additionally, International Tea Day is a celebration of tea culture and recognizes the beverage as a major export in tea producing countries.

Most activities that occur on International Tea Day are championed by worker organizations, trade unions, and civil societies. They coordinate seminars, public events, and conversations addressing the concerns of workers and the world tea trade. These organizations also engage in charity events such as those aimed at supporting education for girls and donations for health care initiatives. They raise public awareness about the process, from the growing stage to the packaging and exporting stage. Trade unions also seize the opportunity to present charters of demands to national governments. These demands may relate to the welfare of workers, terms of employment, or fair trade practices for small tea growers.


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