How To Check Broken Links

How To Check Broken Links

Do you like broken links? The answer is quite simple no. Nobody likes broken links on their blogs. And it’s a worst experience for our blog visitors. Popular search engines like Google strongly suggest us to check your site broken links on daily basis. Doing it manually would be very tough job for anyone.

Besides, If running a small website, blog or a huge commercial site then it is very important find and fix your sites broken links for better user experience, accurate indexing and also for better your search engines rankings.

Google Webmaster tools are one of the best option to do this job easily, but still followed by with outdated data and extremely limited features. Probably a enhanced way to do this is to use a advanced website audit tool that crawl and identify each site on the fly. And the best part about this is there some of the best tools available on the internet who can done this job easily and perfectly.
Screaming Frog SEO Spider

This tool is one of my favorite to check broken links. Not only me there thousands of users saying this. This tool crawls and investigates any website very fast. And gives the report in no time and Screaming Frog SEO Spider’s user interface is very easy to understand for anyone.

This Tool Can Do The Things Which Listed Below:
Server Errors
Head Section : Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, Meta Robots, Meta Refresh, Canonical Link Element
Internal / External Links : Permanent and Temporary Redirects
No follow Link Attribute, Anchor text
Duplicate Content
Heading Tags
File Size
Page Depth
Image Information: Alt Attribute, Address, File size.

The basic version of this tool allows you to perform the regular tasks while crawling capable of 500 URL’s. But for a e99 per annual fee. The 500 URL limitations are detached and all configuration options and enhanced features are enabled.

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Xenu Link Sleuth

The second best free broken link checker tool is Xenu Link Sleuth. It’s completely free to use for everyone. This tool can be used for analyzing any small or large site. Xenu link sleuth is a decent tool which designed only for detecting and reporting the broken links. This tool doesn’t come with extra ordinary features which makes it different than other without having to wade through a lot of inappropriate data just for checking broken links.

This tool is totally configurable and fully functioned. Xenu link sleuth offers numbers of advanced features such as specific errors and include or exclude groups of URLs and directories from your testing. Hence, the user interface is very clean and easy to understand when you looking for any specific errors and other relevant information.

This Tool Has following Features:
Broken Links, Ordered by Link
Broken links, Ordered by page
List of Redirected URLs
FTP and Gopher URLs
Valid Text URLs
Page Title and Meta Descriptions
Download Speed
File Type HTTP Type
HTTP Status
Orphaned Files
IIS SEO Toolkit

I am going to end this article with this last tool. IIS SEO Toolkit is little bit unwieldy for investigating broken links. This tool put up with developers and webmasters in mind. On the other hand, it’s a completely free tool to use so you’ll find a seize on it and you will locate it does a great job about auditing your site and related other issues regarding your site.

Within the link report you’ll be delighted to find status code, Http headers, content type, Meta description of link pages and many more. Merely just click or double click on the links to find more details about it.

This Tool Has The Following Features:
Invalid Markup
txt Restrictions
Duplicate Content
Hyperlink Errors
Missing Image Alt Attributes

Final words

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