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Keval News is an Indian Hindi news channel owned by Kapu meniya. It was formerly known as STAR News before being acquired by Kapu meniya. Keval News is an Indian English news website owned by Kapu meniya.

Even though the food was not in front of me, I did not feel like eating, the whole event was moving in front of my eyes again and again, I was thinking that if I could have joined hands by saying 'Hello sir' instead of salutations ..?  Vinay ji will be reading my article right now or will read after saying food?  Or maybe they have read it and they have liked it so much that they are getting phone calls on my PP number right now?  Thinking as I woke up, my mother said, "Eat the food, don't know where you are roaming since morning? Go somewhere after having dinner" - After having eaten fast, I ran to visit Datta uncle near me.  .  Light was not coming in the entire locality.  When I peeped from the gate of Datta Uncle, no one showed me .. I did not think it appropriate to knock on the door so late in the night, and stood outside the gate thinking that, maybe, if the phone comes, call the aunt to call me.  Don't have to go far, or maybe they refuse to because of the night.  In this kamashkash, when was 1 o'clock in the night?  Didn't know .. The watchman interrupted me "What Ajay brother, in such a night, here?"  Saying "Nothing, came from work, I am going", I walked towards my house, thinking the whole night had passed.

First saw 'Dainik' before getting up in the morning .. May have got my news printed, but it was not found anywhere in the whole paper, thought, maybe the phone will come now, now it will come, do not go to work in this round, engaged in service of Datta aunt  Gaya, Datta aunty brought all the vegetables from the cylinder of the house and asked me, but today I was not going to mind anything about her.  The whole day passed, giving comfort to your mind - but I did not get a call.

After two days, when the phone did not come, my patience broke down, kept the wardrobe of Pooja and reached the PCO with a chillar, "Hello daily? Talk to Mishra ji, to Vinay Mishra ji" "Who are you?"  "Yes, I am speaking to Ajay Kumar from Vinayakpur" I started to hear the melodious melodies on the phone, and I started counting in seconds. "Hello," "Mishraji, I am speaking to Ajay Kumar, from Vinayakpur, to you  Sir, I had given you these articles at the paan shop, Sir, you did not print anything, sir, maybe you forgot? "  "Hello, hello, wait a minute, brother, they can't print your articles, there are many shortcomings in it" "What are the shortcomings sir? I gave all the photos too?" "Photos are not clear and there are many shortcomings, some other  I want to see the send, and if I want it back then go to the guard at the gate ".. After that the voice of Kar To-To was heard, I thought how the phone got disconnected so soon?  I roared at the PCO "Oh brother, how did it get cut so fast, it is a 90 second call, we know" "Oh brother, it is not cut, the phone has been kept there"  It was dark in front, could not understand what to do?  Came straight back home and got lost in thoughts, I didn't know when I got an eye.

From the second day, I explained my mind again, let's find out some sensational news this time, Vinay ji.  With this thinking, I started working as a 'salesman' and in finding the burning and grave issues of the city.

On Sunday morning, I woke up a little late today, returning to the night, it was late.  There was a smell of making something from the kitchen, sister was worshiping, there was smoke and smoke spread in the room.  I got up, and habitually walked straight to the balcony of the house to pick up the newspaper, today the newspaper was a little wet due to the dew, so I put the newspaper under the fan to dry before going to the bathroom.

After taking a shower, my eyes widened when I looked at the newspaper, this was the photo of the news given to me .. I started turning the pages in a hurry, this was my news only ..  But where is its first page where my name will be printed?  I shouted "Where is the first page of the paper?" "Hey they have gone down with the Guptaji, there is some big news saying" I ran, "Guptaji, don't give that paper, my report is printed today, let's look  "" Your report? Where is it printed? 'Dainik people have made a big disclosure, so I brought' Dainik 'to read. "By saying this, he handed me the paper.

Seeing the paper, the land got out under my feet .. I got stuck there, I could not understand anything, why did Vinay ji do this?  What would happen with this news if they printed my name?  What would have happened to them if I had given my news as my name ??  He always talks about morality and meaningful journalism in his articles .. In a recent editorial he had said that a journalist is a guard of society and truth .. A real journalist is one for whom his country and society  There is passion and passion towards him. Then why did he turn away from his own words?  That was my ideal .. So what was the difference between opportunistic leaders and editors?

I had lost in the battle of my self-respect and existence. Now, with the paper in my hand, I was going up the stairs of the house, the salty water flowing from the eyes was salting the lips again, today I did not know why it looked good. 

Salt… as  habit…