Narrative journalism, also referred to as literary journalism, is defined as creative today by Keval News

Keval News is an Indian Hindi news channel owned by Kapu meniya. It was formerly known as STAR News before being acquired by Kapu meniya. Keval News is an Indian English news website owned by Kapu meniya.

A few beats were beginning to pick up, perhaps, wondering if we could meet today?  I kept trying to get in the eyes of the security person again and again, to make him remember that I am standing here .. After standing for almost 2 hours when I went to peep back in the window, the security person was missing and someone else  Was sitting on his seat .. "Sir I was to meet him, Vinay Mishra ji", "Have you messaged Sir?"  "Yes, the 'sir' who was before you, he said to wait" "Well I see", saying so much that he started looking for what was not in the pile kept in front, now my throat was very dry,  In front of the moving pan shop, whose wheels seemed to have been standing here for centuries, a man with a very thick stomach was sitting in a rash, as if an elephant had entered a pile of straw. 

"Brother, is water the drinker, little bit?"  Saying "yes yes brother, of course, take this", he extended a lotus of steel towards me, the cage was being hidden inside the edges .. I immediately emptied the whole lot .. Ahhh .. The water was cold, from the throat.  While burning with hunger and heat, he brought coolness to the stomach. "What happened, brother? You have been waiting for a long time?"  The paan asked.  "Yes brother, Vinay was to meet Mishra ji, but it turned out that today the owner of the press has come, so Mishra ji is busy", "Hey, he has come and come, how come it is eight o'clock, Mishra ji  Before going home, we must eat our pan, meet here in a while ", after hearing this, many questions started running in my mind, what will I talk about while standing?  How will I do it?  Don't know if you will talk properly?

Then the thought that will be seen today, for about a year has come, sending the text for 'daily' - sending, writing postcards to hundreds, the name of the editor, whatever will happen today.  In the mind, the presiding deity took a lesser name and started tucking it towards the door.  After a while the big gate opened and the car flattened from the front, may have been the 'Cielo', came out of the gate and stopped on the road on one side, due to the upside traffic, the car might not even come here.  Wearing a pants-shirt, aged 60-75, a person of average height started looking on both sides of the road to come towards the shop.

"That's it, Mishra ji, don't worry, you are coming here" I immediately started looking for the handkerchief in my pocket, to cover the nervousness of the face, the person whose articles and editorials were part of my routine .. My  Ideal for… who were like Shri Krishna to me and their writing ‘Sudarshan Chakra’ .. That ‘Adarsh’ is in front of me today .. My heart started to grow .. I walked a few steps to stand at the shop  Are done  When I got an eye, I put an artificial smile on my face and tugged the neck down a bit, in response, my face showed no emotion.  "Come sir, here you have your packet, two banarsi and one sweet gulkand" "Have you made it now?"  "Saheb, have you ever thought that you will get stale? Who will give today? Well sir, these are Ajaykumar, have come to meet you, we are waiting for two hours, we will meet you sir, I will meet you, without my paan  Saheb goes home?

"Tell me, sir .." He turned towards me by saying .. "Sir, my name is Ajay, I had talked to you on the phone day after tomorrow, you gave me a time of 2:30 today, I had come on time but your  Probably some big heads had come here, so I thought it appropriate to wait here. "I poured everything out in one breath .. But maybe I thought, I forgot something .. Yes, Dubey Ji's name was not spoken at all.  Before that I would say something else, he said "But why  Did you want to take?  "That sir .. sir. That was sent to me by Dubey ji .. He spoke to you" "Who Dubey ji?"  "Jee, Woh Dubey ji who has 'Shahar Jagriti Press' in Rambagh .." I don't remember anything, well you tell me the purpose of meeting "Sir, I am a journalist, like a stringer from your newspaper  Want to join, my articles appear in 'Daily' in almost every text .. "" With whom are you currently associated? "  "Sir, I have sent many articles to many journals, my articles have been published in 'Shahar Jagrati' and 'Dobta Suraj' Sir, and I have a lot of investigative reports right now", saying that I opened the file further.  "Okay, do you have anything now?"  "Yes sir, this is what I have prepared in 3 months, Sir this is about the corruption spread in the municipality, the photo is also sir, there will be a big reveal sir" "Okay, please, I see, your number  Is there anybody? "" Sir, it is written down, it is side by side, it will be talked "" Okay, I tell you ", he turned around saying this and started looking on both sides to cross the road.  My heartbeat was at its peak, the air was circling in the stomach, everyone felt hungry and thirsty, that paan seemed to be that God himself had helped me to come down, thank you with folded hands.  I did that paanwala, thought to touch my feet, moved a little further but then hesitated.  And fast steps led to the big road.