Say shame you are a journalist ! By Keval News

Keval News is an Indian Hindi news channel owned by Kapu meniya. It was formerly known as STAR News before being acquired by Kapu meniya. Keval News is an Indian English news website owned by Kapu meniya.

Meet them, here is Kapu meniya' from 'Keval News', after saying that my friend introduced me to a group at a public function, that group which was buzzing with laughter and laughter before we both reached my  After hearing the two words of introduction, how did the faces of everyone come to know, I raised my hand with a slight artificial smile and showy self-confidence, the front also made my hand very sad without any emotion.

Took leave of variation, values ​​have fallen play forced formality, everyone else came to me zoo began staring up and down like an unfamiliar animal.  "Ok, you are on ABC channel? You are a journalist ..?

Bhai won't mind but I have stopped watching all these Hindi news channels, do you keep on showing bad news .. Last day of the world .. Bhago Aayi Lal  Death .. My children used to get scared! Brother, I have started watching Mrs.

This Ji's serials now, at least before those people start telling that all the characters in this story are fictional and  Naka reality has nothing to do with "only had a colorful drink another gentleman whose hands, which Rnginiyt was also reflected on his face, said" Shit They are brother sold all

If I just go and shoot everyone, brother, don't mind me, you do a job, it is the job of Delhiites to show the news "One after the other, cursing the news channels in my own way, I cursed  Standing there was just forcefully dealing with them, and was also thinking that this Sanjeev also said and got caught in the middle of alcoholics?

Seriously, to show everyone that a phone call has come in, I thought to run out immediately .. Then thought I should eat food, today even Tiffin has refused, and then Sanjeev is a college friend, sister  If I went away from this wedding, it would be bad, but to be honest, I stopped at the thought of eating.

Just as he held a corner and pretended to talk on the phone for a while, Sanjeev was still standing with the same people, probably advocating for me, those people were also looking at him in a friendly mood,  I thought it was appropriate to get lost in the crowd with, when I came out of food and food, I was having a thunderstorm of thoughts in my mind, I was feeling very low today, wondering why I came in such a profession  Not?

My father was probably looking right now, had I prepared for the competition, today, like Guddu Bhaiya, I would have been doing 4 to 5 honorable jobs in a company like Infosys or Wipro, but I like to fly in my imagination.  Was, I loved watching cinema right from the beginning, it was the cinema that freed me from the coaching of IIT and woke the revolutionary in me,  I had the passion to do something very big and then the 'worm' of showing 'hank' to everyone was awakened ... I don't know why it always seemed that I was made to live 'mango' not 'special' life, to look different.  , I have always wanted to do something different .. And the easiest career I felt was 'journalism' which does not have much reading and writing, only 'Knowledgebase' runs the shop, and gets respect most.  'Hanak' separately in da, locality, friends and relatives.

But now the conditions are not the same, most of the youth who are trapped in the 'poop' of Delhi and surrounding media institute have been drawn towards this blind light of media, everyone feels that  , That too will later become like 'Barkha Dutt, Prabhu Chawla, Pankaj Sardesai', money will be received, respect will be available in society for free, 'Aam' will become 'Khas', Sony TV's 'E'  Like Diane Idol ', just everybody ought to be' special 'short-cut'.

Today the reality is completely opposite, today people have started placing journalists in the category of the society in which the corrupt leaders of our country, government officials and corrupt policemen have been sitting for years, if you go to a temple, people will either be quiet  Become or change the subject of things, behind your back people laugh and drink water and abuses so different, I cannot say clearly that its  Immedar Who, but a huge contribute to economist Mai-fathers of Kamradharion, Delhi would have had discredited itself felt, now these four add-moon said "traders" and.

This article is a rage of thoughts stirred in my inner self, for the past few months or so, for a few years now, I have felt like a volcano of high confidence, I feel myself crushed in the battle of pen and camera.  , My old days of revolutionary ideas and the respect received among the people are now just a sweet memory.  Now, when one has to go to a working colony or a slum, only then I feel like a 'star', the same curiosity, fear or respect is still left for the camera in the slums, now in these three options  You have to choose the right option, I just wrote it down.