Short story An anonymous 'journalist' by Keval News

Keval News is an Indian Hindi news channel owned by Kapu meniya. It was formerly known as STAR News before being acquired by Kapu meniya. Keval News is an Indian English news website owned by Kapu meniya.

The scorching heat of May - June and the scorching heat of the skin .. The noise of vehicles tearing the ears, which would slow down, sometimes penetrate inside the ears, make the brain tingle. Mixed petrol and diesel smoke in the nostrils.

On the other side of this run-of-the-road city, a young man of average height of 24-28 years, who would have stepped up to come across this road, would sometimes pull back again for fear of a tampo and bus.  Was the shirt white or blue because of the indigo?  It seems a little difficult to decide it. Black pants, which were hung on the waist, seemed to dissolve in white like the black sky in the morning. After a lot of hard work, the man finally dodged death on this road.  It comes across.

The sweltering road like a furnace ... Warm and dusty air increases the heat. I come across this road trying to cover myself in the little shade under the sign board, but keep the head on because of the sun.  Only part of the head gets covered. After taking a little breath then the same movement starts dancing in his eyes, and who is searching for the right side of the road?  The eyes start running.

Let us try to know the story of this young man from within ...

Number 12 yet?  Won't you leave somewhere?  Today, Vinay ji has given time with great difficulty .. The clothes are correct .. The stitching of the right shoe has opened a bit, but I will walk with a little thumb .. But today, Vinay ji has to impress somehow.  Does the file contain all the reports?  In 'Dainik' are all the cuttings printed in the reader's corner or not?  I'll check again a little ..

At that time, a yellow-white white bus like a storm, which seemed to be crippled due to leaning from one side, was threatened on the road with a snout, it was slammed.  As hens are whipped in the hen's avalanche. People were swinging back and forth on the handle like swings of the sawn.  I pleaded to be given a place, but everyone's faces became as stern as if a king had been asked for his power, in the end, what would have happened if I had somehow reached one end of the hand of the bus,  He also picked up the pace, after swinging in the air for a few seconds, I also gathered the legs .. Ahahaha .. As the bus moved, the sweat on the forehead and the eyebrows started to feel cold, a little bit flowing on the hots.

Along with standing in the bus, I was also worried about the file inserted in the waist. I could not do reconnaissance by hand, so the person covering my waist with light rub to me, do not know my  What message of movement must have been given to that person?  But where was the worry of all this today… I had mixed feelings in my mind… a little fear, a little thrill, a little unknown happiness and some confidence in the corner.  But whatever it is .. I have to impress Vinay Mishra ji with his writing and journalistic ability today, he had given a call to Dubey ji.  .. Let me once say neither get up from the chair nor he .., you just go and say, Dubeji Ji has sent me to see the curse, then see "

Vinay ji had spoken in a very humble way on the phone .. Today the work will be done, then I will show all the boys of the locality, who consider me weak and helpless, what if not from the body ..?  I will force myself with a pen, when everyone knows that I have become the 'reporter' of the largest newspaper in the city, then everyone will show respect to me. Owner house which every time the mother does not have to raise the house to vacate the house  He keeps threatening and the day his son calls up his friends who look up to our house, he too will be silenced. With his sister left at the crossroads to catch a bus for college.  If you stare at me and sister ilk, then I'd be staring them Jmke ..

Father, if I were today, I would have studied 'journalism' by not doing this salesman's job, then I might have got engaged in a big media institute. But Pappu, number 27, had done nothing .. In high school then my  At the same time, after failing, his MLA father sent him out somewhere, after 2-3 years he came and said that "I have come from outside," eroded B.T.  a.  He was fired, but his father has 'set' him up and put him in the channel, he has left today, he roams around in the OB all day, has to sit with big policemen and leaders to get up today.  .  .  I wish I too…!

"Big road, big road" ..., suddenly this shrill voice got me out of the dream world, and I noticed here is the office of 'Dainik' .. Feet started running in the air, touching the ground  My legs also started running .. Even after running very fast, I was not able to beat the bus and both hands were left .. Grew up on the road stuttering .. Wake up quickly and find the file in the waist .. Venus  Yes, she was there.  Like the redness of the rising sun from the palms of both hands, the inner skin started peeping out, I rubbed both my hands in my waist and removed the file and proceeded forward.

After walking some distance, my destination came .. Office of the biggest newspaper of the city 'Dainik' .. Big black gate, Security guard standing outside, Chamber of security guard visible from the box on the side of the gate.  "What to meet?"  "Gee, Vinay Mishra ji" "Have you called?"  "Yes, today was given the time of 2:30" "Today the owners of the press have come, have you given time today?"  "You ask me to talk on the intercom, I have come from Vinayakpur, I will wait if I am not free yet"  Will be taken "," Sir ".