The fourth pillar of society, the sentinels of truth, the soldiers of the pen (think ahead with your discretion) by Keval News

'Journalism' .. an elite profession, which was once the highest in the society .. The fourth column of the society, the guards of truth, the soldiers of the pen, etc., etc. 'journalists were addressed .. But today the situation is completely reversed.  It is .. In today's time, he is well-decorated with the nouns of 'yellow journalist', 'sittingbaz', 'licor', etc. .. I do not want to do more 'knowledge' in this subject, but  I cannot even see Indian journalism dying like this, today this topic has become even more dangerous for us journalists than 'global warming' which will soon submerge the remaining journalism .. Think about it and as much as possible  Implementation is definitely necessary .. From my personal view, there are some facts which can be discussed and we can discuss this situation of journalism by throwing light on it .. Indian leaflets  Ita to Relax Please consider responsible for the facts to convey in this situation ..

1) Revisions of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting: After 1959, 'Electronic Media Cyclone' had come in the country, the news of the growing power of media in the country like India and the public sentiment associated with the media was good for the bureaucrats and the white men sitting in Delhi.  Kindly knew, how the media got connected with the sentiments of the people, both the leadership and the bureaucracy were concerned that if the media  If the power of the government continues to affect the public mind in the same way, then it may have a negative effect on their darkest motives, as well as the form of the media had become so large that in a democratic country like India it is almost impossible to ban the media or sit a regulator.  It was the same .. Its only solution was to make its owl straight by spoiling its appearance and reducing its popularity.

The bureaucrats sitting in Delhi started distributing Revdiya with both hands to distribute licenses to satellite news channels in the name of social generosity and freedom of expression, resulting in big businessmen who had no concern with journalism at all.  By opening 'Jugaad' too, they started polishing their shop by opening a news channel.

2) Media propaganda: Given the power of media and its sentiment with the common people, every party, whether ruling or opposition, everyone wanted to straighten their political owl through it and still is today, as a result of which  The birth of 'yellow-letter-taxism' and the silver of these 'traders' who entered the media began to be cut, this period was the golden period for these 'traders'.

And at the same time, whose owl was not straightened, they opened a front against the media, and told them that it was mixed with the party concerned.

There is hardly any department, group, political party, industry, famous person in this era that has not been touched or influenced by the media.  If spoken in favor, it is fine, and if the poll is opened then the person or group becomes the antagonist of the particular media.

3) Our Cinema: When a channel started harassing the filthy and cinematic gurus in the media, a big faction in cinema got mobilized against them, and those who did not were neither in favor nor in opposition, whose  The direct impact was due to the image of the media in cinema having a significant impact in our society.  As a result, the same Indian cinema in which politicians and government officials were once shown taking bribes, while the media personnel were brought to the same line.

 Gradually, in our films, the 'journalist' became not a person for truth, but a person who lives for truth.  Mahesh Bhatt showed the film 'Show Biz' and Ramu from the film 'Ran' showed the media from his perspective.

4) Pen Vs Camera: With the popularity of electronic media and news like instant masala chaat, newspapers started to see a threat on their future, as a result, a round-the-clock war started, no. 2000  It used to feel that both professions are now engaged in a professional uproar, the channel people used to say that newspaper is useless and abused newspaper channels.  There were, in all these were both politicians and bureaucrats, he wanted it like that, everything seemed Sponsored bit, all these had a direct impact on the media image of both types.

5) Camera Against Camera: There was a time when the battle started between 'traders' and real journalists in the electronic media, we were all taught in our childhood that Saraswati is stronger than Lakshmi, but the reality is quite the opposite.  Lakshmi won in the battle ... and the worshipers of 'Saraswati' were thrown in the corner, in every channel there was a ghost who had subdued everyone, she was a newborn  There was 'TRP', for which channels took out swords against each other, as a result, the situation became ridiculous in front of the public.

 And yes, there is more bureaucrats and leaders than their parents in making the newborn named 'TRP' strong and powerful, this 'TRP' was strangled by the leaders and their sparrows.  And by tarnishing the image of the media, 'Kalam' was demolished.

 My motive for writing this article is not to uproot the dead, nor am I a 'media-reformer Baba' .. I live in a democratic country, I am free to make allegations and refute the allegations .. Dialogue of a recent picture  Had heard somewhere, 'You are mine, now see how I play you', then the freedom of brothers, to kill and to play can be found only in a country like India, where more than 250 in the world at most  Evl are "news channel", and press the number does not remember exactly but it is also the most in the world, so what our corrupt leaders here also the most, so it may corrupt the media most ....


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