Why Vaikuntha?

Why Vaikuntha?

Usually, a Vaikuntha dwara is set up at the northern entrance of the temple on this which distinguishes this from other festivals. Vaikuntha dwara signifies the doors of Vaikuntha, the spiritual abode of Lord Vishnu. Devotees pass through this dwara hoping to attain Vaikuntha.

Here is a series of seven articles that enlightens our consciousness on the relevance of reaching Vaikuntha, our eternal home.

1. Why go to Vaikuntha?

2. Is Vaikuntha the Same as Svarga?

3. Features of Vaikuntha Planets

4. The Consciousness Graph

5. Mukti – The Consciousness of Liberation

6. Rasa – The essence of relationships

7. Vaikuntha – Our Eternal Home


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