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Hindi Diwas 2020: On September 14 of every year Hindi Diwas is observed nation-wide. This day is celebrated to promote Hindi as our mother tongue of India, and to spread awareness about the language. In 1949, Hindi- an Indo-Aryan language written in the Devanagari script was recognized and adopted as the official language of the Republic of India. Also Read – Hindi Diwas 2020: Date, History, Significance And Interesting Facts About This Day

We have compiled Hindi Diwas quotes, messages, and wishes for you to share it with your loved ones and remind them about the importance of this day. Also Read – Had Never Asked For Imposing Hindi Over Regional Languages, Says Amit Shah on 'One Nation, One Language' Row

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• Hindi is our local language; we should observe Hindi diwas every day and make Hindi proud.

• Don't be ashamed to speak Hindi Hearty greetings to all of you on Hindi Day to all of you my friends"

• We are idiotic without our national language.

• Observe Hindi diwas to spread its significance around the world.

• Hindi has been such a language since time immemorial, which has not boycotted any words simply because it is foreign

• Hindi is our first language, how about we advance its utilization.

• Offer admiration to your country and national language.

• Utilize your very own Hindi language which is your genuine character.

• A country is deficient without its national language.

• Solidarity is the quality however native language is the pride of the country.

• Hindi is our character and image for us of being an Indian.


• Come on Hindi Day, read and teach Hindi, our language is our language, let us adopt it, hearty greetings to all of you on Hindi Diwas.

• Hindi is a blessing, English is a disaster, Hindi is not just a language, Hindi is our heritage. Happy Hindi Divas.

• In this country full of diversities, there is a phulwari of languages, among them our most beloved Hindi mother tongue is ours.

• Hindi is pushing to take the path of advancement not only collected the day we celebrate promotion Hindi Day, happier Hindi Diwas.

• The pride of your country at hand You become great by adopting Hindi Happy Hindi Diwas to all of you.

• Hindi is our mother tongue, speak it every day and on this day of Hindi day, encourages everyone to speak it.

• Hindi is the national language-spoken authority in the largest part of the country. Happy Hindi Diwas.

• Till Hindi is not made, the power of the poor till then the country will not get freedom from poverty. Happy Hindi Diwas

• "Hindi is embellished with all those qualities, on whose strength it can join the next category of the world's literary language"

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