How To Do Whatsapp Call Recording?

How To Do Whatsapp Call Recording? – Hello friends, how are you all? I hope you all will fine, Today we will give you a very important information from this article , if you also use WhatsApp and want to record the call in WhatsApp, then read this article  till last because today we will tell you the full process of WhatsApp voice calls recoding.

You all will know what is WhatsApp and why it is used? . WhatsApp is a very popular social media platform. Today the whole world is crazy for WhatsApp. all the smartphones you will get to see WhatsApp, you will definitely get to see WhatsApp in every smartphone. WhatsApp has been downloaded by millions of people from the Play Store. WhatsApp is a social media platform, using this you can talk to your relatives and friends in all over the word.

Many years ago when whatsapp was not more developed, in WhatsApp, only you could chat with each other, but when the technology developed day by day WhatsApp was further updated, then after some time a new feature came in WhatsApp so that you can make a voice call in WhatsApp. After a little more update, another feature has been added in WhatsApp, in which you can also make a video call to someone

Many people are using WhatsApp to handle their big business. WhatsApp people also use voice calls. Friends, if you use a normal call, then you can record its call, but no such feature is provided by WhatsApp, you can record any WhatsApp voice call using it. If you want to record a voice call from WhatsApp, then for that you have to download a third party application,

If you want to record a voice call from WhatsApp, then read the method we are going to tell you carefully, read the method which given below carefully.

How To Record Whatsapp Voice Call?

If you want to record whatsapp voice call then today we will tell you 2 methods . You can record voice using either of both methods

First Method

First of all, you have to go to Google Play Store and go there and search Messenger call records application. 

Now whatsapp messenger call recorder application will open in front of you, you have to download it.

After downloading, you have to install this application.

When you open the application, you will see the option of call recording enabled in it, you have to enable it.

You can record all the incoming calls on WhatsApp just by following this small method.

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Second Mathod

If you do not want to use the method mentioned above, then I tell you another method, for this you have to go to Google Play Store and go there and search the Automatic Call Recorder application.

You have to download this application and install it in your smartphone.

You have to remember that whenever someone calls you on WhatsApp or you call someone, you go from this application and start recording calls and stop after the call is over.

This is another second mathod which use you can do WhatsApp voice call recording easily. 


This was a small information for you, today i have told you about what voice call recording system, i hope you will understand if you have any queries so plz comment us , thanks you so much

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