MP TET Syllabus 2020 – MPPEB TET Primary Teacher Exam Pattern

MP TET Syllabus 2020 – MPPEB Primary Teacher TET Syllabus PDF 2020, Madhya Pradesh PEB TET Exam Pattern 2020, MP Primary Teacher TET Subject Wise Syllabus, Preparation Tips, Study Material

Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board (MPPEB) is going to conduct the Examination of Primary Teacher & Secondary Teacher. Candidates applied for these posts must be searching for study material and MP Primary Teacher Syllabus details. We are giving you the Latest MP TET Exam Syllabus and competitors can cover important topics. You can collect the latest Secondary Teacher and Primary Teacher Exam Study materials of each like Mathematics, Environmental studies, Child development and pedagogy for better Exam Preparation.

Using the MPPEB TET Exam Pattern, you can take an idea about what type of Paper Pattern is there, how many questions will be asked, and total Marks. Here applicants can check for the latest exam pattern with detailed Subject-wise MP TET Syllabus 2020. Read full details here and get all the topics of each in the article.

Latest News- The Professional Examination Board is going to organize the MP Primary School Teacher Eligibility Test 2020 on 26th September to 22nd October 2020. Therefore all candidates who are waiting for MP TET Exam Date they check and download Admit Card using the below link. 

MP Primary TET Admit Card  new_02  

MP TET Syllabus 2020 – MPPEB Primary Teacher TET Exam Pattern

Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination is organizing paper for appointing new Primary Teacher & Secondary Teacher Posts. Candidates have to undergo a State Level Entrance Exam. The MP TET Exam Syllabus 2020 has been listed below with the latest exam pattern released by MP Examination Board.

MP TET Previous Year Papers 2020  new_02

MP TET Primary Teacher Exam Syllabus 2020

Organization Name Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board (MPPEB)
Post Name Primary Teacher & Secondary Teacher
Exam Name MP Teacher Eligibility Test 2020 for Primary Teacher
Category MP Primary TET Syllabus
Level of Exam State Level Entrance Exam
Job Category Teaching Jobs
Location Madhya Pradesh
Exam Mode Offline mode
Official Website

एमपी टीईटी सिलेबस 2020

मध्य प्रदेश व्यावसायिक परीक्षा (MPPEB) प्राथमिक शिक्षक और माध्यमिक शिक्षक की परीक्षा आयोजित करने जा रही है। इन पदों के लिए आवेदन करने वाले उम्मीदवारों को अध्ययन सामग्री और एमपी प्राइमरी टीचर सिलेबस विवरण की खोज करनी चाहिए। हम आपको नवीनतम परीक्षा के सिलेबस दे रहे हैं और प्रतियोगी महत्वपूर्ण विषयों को कवर कर सकते हैं। आप बेहतर परीक्षा की तैयारी के लिए गणित, पर्यावरण अध्ययन, बाल विकास और शिक्षाशास्त्र जैसे प्रत्येक के नवीनतम माध्यमिक शिक्षक और प्राथमिक शिक्षक परीक्षा अध्ययन सामग्री एकत्र कर सकते हैं।

एमपीपीईबी टीईटी परीक्षा पैटर्न का उपयोग करके, आप एक विचार ले सकते हैं कि किस प्रकार का पेपर पैटर्न है, कितने प्रश्न पूछे जाएंगे, और कुल अंक। यहां आवेदक विस्तृत विषय-वार MP TET Syllabus 2020 के साथ नवीनतम परीक्षा पैटर्न की जांच कर सकते हैं। यहां पूर्ण विवरण पढ़ें और लेख में प्रत्येक के सभी विषयों को प्राप्त करें।

Madhya Pradesh PEB TET Exam Pattern 2020

Candidates who had applied for Madhya Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test 2020 for Primary Teacher and Middle School Teacher both Teacher Exam Pattern is given here. Both papers will be held of total 150 marks. See the below tables

MP Primary School Teacher TET Exam Pattern 2020 – (Class 1 to 5)

Subject name Total  Questions Total Marks
Child Development & Education law 30 MCQ 30
1st Language (Hindi) 30 MCQ 30
2nd Language (English or Urdu or Sanskrit) 30 MCQ 30
Mathematics 30 MCQ 30
Environmental Study 30 MCQ 30
Total 150 MCQ 150 Marks

MP Middle School TET Exam Pattern 2020 – (Secondary Teacher Class 6 to 8)

In this paper questions will be asked from Child Development & Pedagogy, Languages-I /Languages-II, Mathematics /Science /Social Science /Main Languages.

Subjects Questions Marks
Child Development, Learning, and Pedagogy 30 30
Language 1 30 30
Language 2 (anyone from English, Urdu, and English)                        30 30
Mathematics and Science or Social studies/Social science 60 60
Total 150 150

MP TET Syllabus 2020

MP Primary Teacher TET Subject Wise Syllabus 2020

Applicants who have filled the form of the MP TET can check the Syllabus 2020. With the help of Subject-Wise Syllabus, you can score well. We have mentioned the topics below for you, so that you can prepare the topics till the exam time. The entire teacher syllabus is given topic wise.

MPPEB TET Syllabus 2020 – Child Development & Pedagogy

Child Development

  • The Concept of Child Development and its relation to learning
  • Piaget, Pavlov and Kohler and Thorndike: Composition and Criticism
  • The concept of child-centered and progressive education
  • Critical nature of mind and its measurement, and multidimensional mind
  • Personality and its measurement
  • Language and thought
  • Factors affecting growth and development
  • Assessment based on class, Continuous and inclusive evaluation, nature and practices
  • The development of appropriate questions for assessing the level of preparation of the faculty to increase the learning and critical thinking in class and assess the achievement of the learner
  • The principles of child development
  • Mental health problems and behavior problems of children
  • Socialization processes: social world and children (Teachers, Parents and classmates)
  • Gender as a social construction and the role of gender, gender discrimination and educational practices
  • Understanding of differences based on the irregularity of individual differences, language, caste, sex, community, religion, etc of learners
  • Assessment of learning and difference in the assessment of learning

Understanding the concept of inclusive education and children with special needs

  • Identification of the learners forms a diverse background including non-benefited and deprived classes
  • A troubled child: Identification and Diagnosis side
  • Child crime: causes and types
  • Identification of the needs of children with learning problems and damages
  • Identification of talented, creative, special ability learners

Learning and Education (Pedagogy)

  • How children think and learn; why and how they fail to succeed in school
  • Knowledge and momentum
  • Encouragement and learning
  • The contributing factors in learning – individual and environment
  • Direction and advice
  • education
  • The fundamental process of teaching and learning, the strategies of students for learning, learning as a social process, the social context of learning
  • A child as a problem solver and scientific explorer
  • Alternative conceptions of learning in children, understanding of a child's mistakes as a meaningful link to the learning process The factors affecting the learning: attention and interest
  • Aptitude and its measurement
  • Memory and forgetfulness

Madhya Pradesh TET Exam Syllabus 2020 – Pedagogical Issues

  • Develop the thinking and reasoning power through mathematical education
  • The creation of new methods of evaluation, diagnosis test and capacity of re-learning
  • The capacity for using new mathematical learning methods into class education
  • The place of mathematics in the syllabus
  • The language of mathematics
  • The creation of appropriate teaching materials based on surrounding for effective learning and the development of the capacity of using it

MP Primary Teacher Paper Syllabus 2020 – English Language


  • Two unseen prose passages (discursive or literary or narrative or scientific) with questions on comprehension, grammar and verbal ability

Pedagogy of language development

  • Learning and acquisition of language
  • Challenges of teaching language in a diverse classroom, language difficulties
  • Teaching-learning materials, textbook, multi-media materials multi-lingual resource of the classroom
  • Evaluating language comprehension and proficiency: listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • Principles of second language teaching
  • Language skills-listening, speaking, reading, writing
  • Role of listening and speaking, the function of language and how children use it as a tool
  • The role of grammar in learning a language for communicating ideas verbally and in writing form
  • Remedial teaching (Re- teaching)

MPPEB Middle School Teacher Syllabus 2020 – Mathematics

  • Number System – reading and writing numbers greater than 1000, the understanding of place value of large numbers greater than 1000 and four fundamental operations
  • The relation between the smaller and larger units of length, weight, and volume
  • Conversion of larger units into smaller units and the conversion of smaller units into bigger units
  • Find the volume of a solid from known units
  • Using four fundamental math operations in questions based on money, length, weight, and volume, and time interval.
  • Conversion of the meter into centimeter and vice-versa
  • Pattern – Increasing the understanding of pattern related to numbers, the formation of pattern and its generalization based on operations, finding the pattern of triangular numbers and square numbers
  • Addition and Subtraction – Addition and subtraction of numbers up to 5 digits
  • Multiplication – multiplication of numbers up to 2 or 3 digits
  • Division – Division of two-digit numbers to four-digit numbers
  • Fraction – the concept of fraction, its simplest form, even fraction, odd fraction etc. addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of fraction, equivalent fraction, the conversion of decimal number into a fraction and vice-versa
  • Geometry – Fundamental geometric concepts, rays, line-segment, angle (classification of angle), Triangle (classification of the triangle – (1) On the basis of sides, (2) On the basis of angles, (3) The sum of three angles of a triangle is 180 degree.)
  • The identification of center, radius and diameter of a circle
  • The relationship between the circle, radius, and diameter, symmetric figure, the understanding of parallel lines and perpendicular lines based on surroundings
  • Finding the area and perimeter of simple geometric figures (Triangle, Rectangle, Square) by taking given figures as a unit
  • Calculate the time interval in daily life events
  • Identification of patterns in multiplication and division
  • Geometric pattern based on symmetry
  • Identification of 2D figures in the surroundings
  • Collection of different data related to daily life
  • Reading clock time in hours and minutes and its representation in AM and PM
  • The relation of 24 hour's clock to a 12 hour's clock
  • Representation of data through a bar graph and finding the conclusion

MP TET Primary Teacher Syllabus 2020 – Environmental Study

Our family, our friends

  • Family and social relations – the care of elderly, ill, adolescent members and children with special needs of family and our sensitiveness towards them
  • Our natural resources – major natural resources and their conservation; traditional and renewable and non-renewable sources of energy
  • Our animals & birds – our pet animals, goods carrier animals and the effect of pollution on the animals in our surroundings
  • Our trees & plants – local flora, the interdependence of human and plants, protection of forest and their need and importance; and the effect of pollution on plants

Sports and Activities

  • Sports, Science, and Yoga
  • Family festivals, various entertainment tools – books, stories, puppet dance, fair, cultural programs and the celebration of important days in school
  • Various occupations, industries and businesses


  • Different home of animal, bird and human, the need of a house and the features of the house for a healthy life
  • Sanitation of toilets, cleanliness of the environment and good habits
  • Protection of local buildings, public property, national heritage and their care
  • The excellent house and the materials used for its construction, assessment of construction material

Our food and habits

  • A healthy combination of food items
  • Food for various age group persons and the right time for ingestion.
  • The measures for food hygiene and safety
  • The necessity of food and its components
  • The importance of fruits and plants; fruits & plants based on parts of the plant
  • The safety of food resources

Water and air pollution and infection

  • The need for clean water and clean air for life
  • Local weather, water cycle and the effect of climate change and our role in climate change
  • Safety and prevention measures from disaster, flood, drought, etc. and disaster management
  • The sources of water, it's safe maintenance and methods of conservation and nutrition
  • Diseases caused by infected air and water, their treatment and prevention, other infectious diseases
  • Pollution and protection of air, water, land, various waste materials and their management, proper disposal
  • Sustainable management of natural resources – proper exploitation of resources, diesel, petroleum consumption and sustenance

Natural objects and yield

  • Relation of soil, water, seed and crop, organic-chemical fertilizer
  • Different crops and their production areas
  • Important agricultural works and equipment required for crop production

Human-made tools and the effect of his activities

  • Use of polythene and plastic and their decomposing agent
  • The effect of using fossil fuels
  • Deforestation and urbanization and its impact on ecological balance
  • Scientific causes of ozone depletion, acid rain, global warming, green-house effect etc and solutions
  • Disaster management

Space Science

  • Introduction of space scientist and their life experience in space
  • The scientific facts related to space life, and possibilities for life
  • The space shuttle, space discoveries and predictions

MP TET Exam 2020 – Preparation Tips

  • Search for updated Madhya Pradesh Primary Teacher TET Syllabus & Exam Pattern for Examination.
  • Solve previous year question papers for better preparation of Exams.
  • Attend Mock Tests online series for preparation.
  • Make notes for last time revision for the test.
  • Make a self-study Time Table
  • Practice mock tests on a regular basis to analyze your performance.
  • Make short notes on difficult topics and revise them regularly till the exam date

MP TET Exam Syllabus PDFnew_02

Official Website

Disclaimer – Guys we have gathered all the details from the official website, you can easily download the MP TET Syllabus 2020 from the above-mentioned link. If you will face any problem while downloading Syllabus PDF comments on the comment box. We will help you as soon as possible.

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Rajasthan PTET Syllabus

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