No News Is Good News Day 2020 Date, History and Significance: Know More About the Day We May Not Be Able to Celebrate in The Year 2020 Amid Social Distancing!

Ever since the advent of 27 X 7 news channels, most of us have our days start with the background noise of breaking news and end with bulletins. But what if we take a break from the twenty-four-hour news cycle? It is always a good thing to stay informed but on No News is Good News Day people relax and take a break from the constant flooding of information. You might think that what good can come from not listening to the news for one day but this day the world keeps running the same way even when you're not chasing it every minute The crisis, disaster, scandal, and tragedies around the world are going to take place whether or not you stayed glued to the tv. So why not take a break for yourself?

On this day people turn off the TV and radio, unhook from the web, and cancel the newspapers just to live in the moment and if it seems the news is always bad news, you can celebrate the No News is Good News Day by not being aware of any news at al!

History and Significance

No news is good news is a proverbial phrase originated with King James I of England, who allegedly said "No news is better than evil news". The significance stands that having no information means that bad developments are unlikely.

No News Is Good News Day Relevance in the Year 2020

However, in the year 2020, we cannot say that we will be able to say that staying away from the news is a great idea. With coronavirus pandemic taking over the world, we need to be updated on ever authentic information around. However, you must remember that it is during such times that people also tend to spread false, misleading news to create chaos BUT it is only us who can stop that. Instead of turning our backs, we need to stop the spread of false news that is usually spread via social media apps like WhatsApp.

Normally people celebrate No News Is Good News Day by taking a break from the daily news cycle. Right from turning off your TV to cancelling on your newspapers, the idea is to escape from all the bad news that affects your mental health.

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