Significance, celebrations of the day to mark end of Pitru Paksha

Mahalaya 2020: This year Mehalaya will be celebrated on September 17, 2020. Bengali's are already excited to welcome Goddess Durga on Maha sashti but this time Durga Pooja will be observed after a month of Mahalaya, unlike other years.

Mahalaya is the combination of two words Maha which means grand and Alaya or abode. This day is quite special for Bengali's. The auspicious occasion is celebrated with beautiful traditions and rich stories.

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Date and Significance of Mahalaya

Mahalaya 2020 will be observed on Thursday that is September 17th. Normally, the gap between Mahalaya and Durga Pooja is of six days but this time Maha sasthi will begin on October 22, 2020. There's a gap of good 35 days.

Mahalaya is celebrated after Pitru Paksha ends or when Hindus remember their ancestors. People take part in many rituals like offering food and water to the needy to express their love and gratitude to their forefathers. Some Bengali's also listen to devotional songs and recitation from Chandi Path verses.

Speaking of 35 days gap between Mahalaya and Durga Pooja, it is because of Mala Mash which is also known as an unholy month. In this month, Bengali's avoid rituals because mala mash has two moons which are not considered holy.

This year Durga Pooja will be held in the month of Kartik instead of Ashwin because of the two moons.

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