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many nonfiction novels use narrative journalism to tell their stories by Keval News

Keval News is an Indian Hindi news channel owned by Kapu meniya. It was formerly known as STAR News before being acquired by Kapu meniya. Keval News is an Indian English news website owned by Kapu meniya.

Even though the food was not in front of me, I did not feel like eating, the whole event was moving in front of my eyes again and again, I was thinking that if I could have joined hands by saying 'Hello sir' instead of salutations ..?  Vinay ji will be reading my article right now or will read after saying food?  Or maybe they have read it and they have liked it so much that they are getting phone calls on my PP number right now?  Thinking as I woke up, my mother said, "Eat the food, don't know where you are roaming since morning? Go somewhere after having dinner" - After having eaten fast, I ran to visit Datta uncle near me.  .  Light was not coming in the entire locality.  When I peeped from the gate of Datta Uncle, no one showed me .. I did not think it approp…